Primeview™ Heavy Duty

The original tuff screen

Primeview™ Heavy Duty

Cyclone Primeview™ Heavy Duty is designed for demanding conditions, featuring excellent structure and rigidity, whilst maintaining a high quality outward view.  

Made with a heavy gauge high-tensile stainless steel, Primeview™ Heavy Duty screens provide optimum resistance to tears, punctures, and dents.

Key Benefits

  • Super-thick gauge with rigid construction 
  • Premium black powder finish 
  • Class 3 Corrosion resistant 
  • BAL-FZ Rating
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    Insect Protection Rating (2/3)


    Visibility Rating (1/3)


    Airflow Rating (2/3)


    Strength Rating (2/3)



    Window Rating
    Door Rating

    Ideal for arid/urban corrosion zones

    Most areas of Australia at least 50km from the coast. Inland 3–6 km for a less sheltered bay or gulf. Can extend to within 1km from quiet, sheltered seas

    BAL-29 Bushfire Attack Level Rated

    This product meets the requirements of the Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL's) ranging from BAL-LOW to BAL-29. BAL-29 allow for increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux.

    This screen can be used as part of a complete window system to satisfy building code in relation to fall protection.

    Clauses and D2.24 of the Building Code of Australia detail the situations in which open-able windows require fall prevention measures and the requirement that windows in these instances must meet. The test standard AS5203:2016 -Protection of Openable Window / Fall Prevention Test outlines a window opening will not permit a 125mm sphere to pass through it and resist a horizontal outward force of 250N.

    Technical Specifications

    Screen Pattern
    Screen Pattern
    Download Tech Spec
    5154 Aluminium
    1.41 x 1.41mm
    Strand Diameter:
    Tensile Strength:

    Available Sizes

    Retail Sizes

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    Part Number Width Length
    30123542 910mm 2m
    30123559 1220mm 2m

    Commercial Sizes

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    Part Number Width Length
    30121272 760mm 14m
    30121296 910mm 14m
    30121302 1220mm 14m

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