We're here to help with all your questions on insect screening

What colour screens are available?

Our insect screens come in black / charcoal and bronze as seen on our website.

What materials are your insect screens made of?

Depending on the type of screen you purchase, our screens come in a variety of materials suitable for your needs.

These include:

  • Fibreglass
  • PP/PE
  • Polyester
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass

Where can find a comparison/specification of your insect screens?

Our Insect Screens catalog provides you with the overall screening comparisons. Refer to our resources page for more information.

Will all your screens keep insects from getting indoors?

Generally speaking, our insect screens will keep out most insects. However, if your after one that will keep out much smaller insects such as midgesor thrifts, you may want to go with screens made of strands/inch 18 x 18 and above. Please refer to our selection guide of our catalog for more information.

Do you sell insect screening direct?

As a wholesaler, we do not sell directly to the public. Please contact your nearest retailer to purchase our product.

How to install insect screens?

Do you have any recommended installers?

Our screens can be installed as DIY. However, if your not confident, you can search online for your local insect screening specialist.

Which type of spline is best to use for my screens?

Our screens will generally come with a recommended suitable spline.

Is there a warranty on your insect screening?

Our insect screening range is guaranteed to meet the specifications advertised. Our warranty varies from product to product so best to refer to packaging information for specific warranty periods.

Do the insect screens meet food safety standard?

No, as the reason is, it is produced in a factory where it could be exposed to chemical.
Generally speaking our synthetic screen is coated in PVC. Our metal screens are coated with an epoxy.

How to clean my screens?

Our Puraview and Duraview screens have a self-cleaning technology keeping our screens cleaner for longer resulting in less maintenance.

For general care & maintenance, the below tips and tricks will help:

  1. Clean with a non-abrasive cloth, soft-bristled brush or a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner
  2. Use warm potable water and a neutral detergent, then rinse with potable water
  3. Rinse gently using a garden hose
  4. DO NOT use a pressure washer. Too much water pressure may stretch the fly screen or even pull the edges out of the spline channel
  5. Rinse thoroughly on both sides of the screen

Which screens do you have that are suitable for coastal areas?

You can certainly find more information on the compatibility of insect screens in varying corrosion zones in Australia on page 40 of our Insect Screens Catalog.

Which screens are the strongest?

Our Duraview, Pet Mesh, Stainless 316, Bronze and Primeview Heavy Duty have the most strength.

Which screens do you have that offer most visibility?

Our Pureview, Primeview and Primeview Midge have the most visibility.

Which screens do you have that offer most airflow?

Our Pureview, Primeview, Primeview Midge and Emberguard have the most airflow.

Which screens meet the requirements of BAL's (Bushfire Attack Levels)?

More information can be found on page 38 & 39 of our Insect Screens Catalog.

If you still have questions about our Insect Screens Range you can contact our friendly Customer Experience team