Cyclone insect screens are guaranteed to meet the strand / aperture / dimensional specifications advertised. All roll lengths are inspected prior to shipping for the following conditions and any unacceptable defects are removed.

Claimable under Warranty

  • Any cut, hole, or tear through roll
  • Damaged selvage extending into the fabric body
  • Slack or tight selvage
  • Creased material
  • Heavy marks
  • Uncoated yarn of length longer than 20mm
  • Off shade spots, stains, mottled appearance, uncoated flashes

NOT Claimable under Warranty

  • A strand connecting knot is not considered a defect.
  • Any marking that is not visible at distance of 90cm from the screen at normal inspection speed ARE NOT to be considered as defects.
  • Defects slight in appearance or non-repeating are acceptable.

Continuous rolls:
Due to the manufacturing process rolls may be supplied with two-pieces of fabric per roll. Cyclone will supply no less
than 75% of a shipment as a continuous roll.

Defect allowance and number of pieces per roll:
Due to limitations within the manufacturing process the following allowances are considered normal and ARE NOT considered to be defective.