Insection Protection

The Great Aussie Salute may work for flies and mosquitoes, but it is no match for the tiny pests that infiltrate our homes and cause discomfort before we can even see them. 

The more fertile the environment, the more chance there is for micro bugs to invade our dwellings; thrips, midges and sand flies thrive in low coastal areas, humid locales or agricultural zones, particularly where there may be bodies of still water – abundant breeding grounds for armies of tiny skin-loving bugs.  

These most common micro bugs generally won’t cause harm; however, they do seek out human skin and some people may be more prone to irritation from bites than others.  Once inside, these pests can be difficult to eradicate without using potentially harmful chemical sprays. 

The trick to managing micro bugs is to keep them out altogether. Standard flyscreen will keep larger bugs at bay but Cyclone Miniweave screening is your best defence in the fight against summer pests.  Cyclone Miniweave has a 60%* tighter weave than standard fly screening, giving it the highest level of protection from tiny insects than any other insect screen available. 


Cyclone Miniweave can be used in window and door treatments, around pool enclosures and outdoor entertaining areas or even as part of your bug-fighting camping kit. This versatile screening is made from PVC-coated fibreglass making it very flexible and easy to install and is perfect for retractable screening systems. 

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