Our Story


From our wild coastlines to our dry centre, fertile rainforests and pristine snowfields, our Australian landscape has the ability to be beautiful yet challengingly brutal. Cyclone Screening is committed to making every Australian dwelling comfortable and safe, providing screening protection from our unforgiving seasonal elements. 

Cyclone Screening has been developed with everyday Australians in mind, we consider your environment and create screening solutions against the smallest pests, allergens, bush and grass fires, and the corrosive effects of our coastal lifestyle.

Cyclone offers a comprehensive range of mesh and fabrics to meet the needs of commercial fabricators, residential tradespeople, and DIY enthusiasts. Our next-generation insect screening outperforms materials of the past and has been developed using the latest technology in material, weave, and coating. Cyclone insect screening delivers the highest quality advantages over traditional insect screen products.

We want to keep you connected to the outdoors without the risk of harm. Every screen for every purpose is made with your needs in mind.

Cyclone continues its long-standing commitment to producing the highest quality, consistent and innovative solutions for Australians.

Australian Heritage

An iconic brand connected to the Australian outdoors; Cyclone has been part of our culture for well over a century. We take pride in making quality insect screening for families and tradespeople alike to enjoy creating dream spaces and making memories in the great outdoors.

Standing the test of time, Cyclone was created to solve a problem - Leonard Chambers and William Thompson started a beekeeping supply business in Melbourne and in 1898 they launched Cyclone Fence & Gate Company to provide wire fencing for hives. Just 20 short years later, the Cyclone company expanded into almost every state in Australia and provided the agricultural industry with quality fencing and gating for livestock and grain production. With centuries worth of knowledge and experience in landscaping tools, we are Australia’s most trusted brand.

Holding tradition and quality at our core, Cyclone continues to honour our long-standing commitment to producing innovative screening solutions for all Australians.