Stainless 316

Corrosion resistance in coastal & industrial zones

Stainless 316

Cyclone Stainless 316 provides strength and durability without sacrificing visibility or airflow.
Ideal for coastal areas, this premium marine grade stainless steel, offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

Cyclone 316 Stainless flyscreen also carries a BAL-FZ rating making it ideal for bushfire-prone areas.

Key Benefits

  • Premium black powder coat finish resists tea-staining
  • Thicker strand diameter for high strength & durability
  • Class 4 corrosion resistant
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Insect Protection Rating (2/3)


Visibility Rating (2/3)


Airflow Rating (3/3)


Strength Rating (2/3)



Window Rating
Door Rating

Ideal for calm sea-shore corrosion zones

From 200m-1km inland in areas with rough seas & surf. May be extended inland by prevailing winds & local conditions. From the shoreline to 50m inland around sheltered bays. mIn the immediate vicinity of calm salt water such as harbour foreshores.

BAL-FZ Bushfire Attack Level Rated

This product meets the requirements of the Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL's) ranging from BAL-LOW to BAL-FZ. BAL-FZ allows for direct exposure to flames from fire, in addition to heat flux and ember attack.

This screen can be used as part of a complete window system to satisfy building code in relation to fall protection.

Clauses and D2.24 of the Building Code of Australia detail the situations in which open-able windows require fall prevention measures and the requirement that windows in these instances must meet. The test standard AS5203:2016 -Protection of Openable Window / Fall Prevention Test outlines a window opening will not permit a 125mm sphere to pass through it and resist a horizontal outward force of 250N.

Technical Specifications

Screen Pattern
Screen Pattern
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SS316 Stainless Steel
1.21 x 1.39mm
Strand Diameter:
Tensile Strength:

Available Sizes

Retail Sizes

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Part Number Width Length
30122767 910mm 2m
30121982 1220mm 2m

Commercial Sizes

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Part Number Width Length
505010 610mm 30m
505027 760mm 30m
505034 810m 30m
505041 910m 30m
505058 1220mm 30m
505072 1520mm 30m

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